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Moon Bath

WAXING MOON | Botanical Bath Tea

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INTENTION | nourish, strengthen, rejuvenate Brew just like a tea, strain into your tub, and absorb the benefits through your skin. Each Botanical Bath Tea is intentionally crafted with botanicals that balance and harness the energy available during each phase of the moon. The Waxing Moon is a time of gathering energy and strength, calling upon us to replenish our immunity, sensuality and vitality. Reminiscent of a warm mug of spiced cocoa, our Waxing Moon Bath Tea nourishes the body and soul, encourages stability, and promotes strengthening and regeneration.

Art by @realfunwow

Two baths / 8 fl oz

Moon Bath makes the perfect gift for friends, family and lovers!

We offer a healthy alternative to bath bombs, items more fun than soap and more affordable than jewelry, and something other than candles and crystals for all your witchy friends.

WAXING MOON | Botanical Bath Tea - Eventide Botanical Wellness